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Aaron Ashcraft


I have been a potter since 1996 based in Millcreek, Utah. Gas fired stoneware pots and sculptural pieces have been my passion through the years.

Lately, dark Brown clay and hand-built Skulls have occupied a great deal of my studio practice.

My artistic process is heavily influenced by my life in the American West and specifically by the Sandstone wilderness around Moab Utah. Colors, Textures and Forms from the Colorado Plateau permeate my thinking about pottery and sculpture, showing up in color palette and the forms I make in the studio.

Many of the soft clay forms are manipulated off the wheel, sometimes heavily manipulated.  At times paddle marks, wire cut details and bare clay create greater visual texture.  Elegant glazes and ash enhance the shape of each piece resulting in forms that are interpretive and subtle. It's important for me to "see" the clay in the finished pieces.

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