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Obvara Pottery

The Obvara firing process has its roots in Eastern Europe, perhaps as far back as the 12th century.

My pieces are fired to 1650 degrees and removed from the kiln at 1650.

Hot pots are dunked in a big bucket of fermenting flour, yeast, sugar and water.

The magic happens when the pieces are lifted out of the Brew!


All the black and white and gray patterns you see on the pottery happen instantly as the Brew runs across the super heated pots.

The black areas are the sugars burning while the White lines, dots, and other marks are the proteins and starches bubbling up and drooling across the pieces. 

I only have limited control of the Brew, and the reactions happen very quickly.


When I like what has happened on the piece, I plunge it into cold water and stop the reaction. The water cools the pieces and washes off the Brew.

After cleanup and drying i add a light clear coat layer to finish the work.

Obvara Firing videos are available on my Youtube.

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